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Course Goals

'Join me on the journey to discover the confident person that’s always been inside of you'.........

Hello my name is Andy Ford, I have been performing professionally for 47 years; Originally as a vocal instrumentalist and then as a stand up comedian for 37 years. I love the skills that a comic performer has to hone to enable him or her to touch an audience comedically and emotionally. For quite a few years now I have had the desire to find ways to help people learn the same skills and adapt them to their everyday lives.



We’ve all heard the expression...’Laughter is the best medicine’… and this has now been confirmed by doctors and scientists to be true... in as much as…. feel good enzymes such as endorphins are released into the brain when we laugh and this enhances our mood. To be honest human beings have known that forever, but not everyone seems to have the same capacity for making others laugh and feel happy.



They say (whoever they are) that a smile is worth a thousand words and we all instinctively gravitate towards someone with a pleasing demeanour don’t we? It’s just that some people seem to have the knack of saying the funny things that make people laugh, alongside a friendly and confident personality.



Are you the type of person who just can’t tell jokes? Wrong!! Everyone can learn how to tell a joke in their own inimitable way…. we’re all different and therefore we all have a different sense of humour…. Our mission on this course is to make the most of that wonderfully underused personality of yours.



Throughout this original and unique system we will work together on improving confidence and learning comedy skills to infuse into your daily conversations and interactions. The exercises are simple but effective and the real joy of this is that you can take as much time as you want to complete them…. and the more you work on these exercises, the more you’ll improve your comic delivery and writing skills. I still use the techniques on this course everyday when writing and performing…. Even after you’ve completed all the modules, they will still be there as a reference point for the future…. I’ll never be that far away!



I hope you’ll join me on the journey to discover the confident person that’s always been inside of you, and to find ways of unlocking your unique sense of humour so that your personality can take wings and lead you onto a bigger and better social life.







So.... what exactly is confidence?

Are you ready to do this? Is it time? Then enrol for my original course right now and let's get started.... together!!

For only £25

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